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Mobile Legends Hack Without Rooting Your Android

There are a lot of methods to hack Mobile Legends that you can employ in order to be better at the game.

What Is Mobile Legends?

The online game is currently a hot topic among game lovers. This is because this game is not only unique but also fun to play. The game is not really difficult to play. Firstly, you will get Battle Points that are not very significant, a very small number of Heroes, you if you want to add troops or hero you must complete the challenge of every level. However, you do not have to wait for long in order to add troops in the game, because we will provide you with the tricks of hacking Mobile Legends.

With this hack for Mobile Legends, you will get quite a lot of Diamonds. When you have a lot of diamonds, you can buy a Hero or troops, Attack, and others without having to root your Android. Therefore, without further ado, let’s proceed to the steps you can follow in order to get Diamonds for the game.

How to Hack Mobile Legends Diamonds In Android Without Root

First of all, open the Mobile Legends game on your phone and click the icon of the headshot of a person on the bottom right of your screen.

After that, click the Facebook logo. You will see that there are 3 account options that will show. Among them are Google Play Game, Facebook, and VK accounts. From those tree options, just choose one in order to get Diamonds for your Mobile Legends game.

If you have succeeded, you will definitely get an increase of Diamonds in the amount of 100 points. Once you have chosen, you can proceed by clicking Bind Account.

That is all of the steps of Mobile Legends Hack that you have to follow in order to get Diamonds for the game.

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HTML Beginner Tips: Attributes, Tags, and Elements

You have learned to write your first ever webpage in HTML using our previous HTML beginner tips, but you know there is more to it than just typing random words and saving the file as a plain text with “.html” specified in its end. Some of you may even exclaim “that’s it?” in utter disbelief because, hey, let’s face it, that is too easy!

It’s true that there is more to it than that, and now that you’ve mastered the first step, we can move to the next on our HTML tutorials: how to make your webpage more elaborate using attributes, tags, and elements.

What you need to know about tags

Tags is considered a part of the HTML document’s basic structure. Surrounding the content you type in html, tags give the sequence you’ve just typed more meaning. Take a look at the following example to Learn HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>



It’s my first ever webpage



Once saved, you would see that there’s no change whatsoever on your browse. Why? That’s because the purpose of applying tags isn’t for presentation – but rather for meaning. The “!DOCTYPE” part, for instance, its purpose is to let your browser know that it’s a declaration, and the “<html>” part is an opening tag that notifies the message of elements conveyed.

How to use attributes and elements

Attributes is a part of tags which purpose is to give more information on the meaning that the tag is trying to convey, whereas elements is what’s written in between the opening-closing tags. Need a simple HTML advice to help you memorize the difference? Take a look at the following:

  • Attributes:

<tag attribute=“value”>Cookies</tags>

Another thing worth noting is the fact that the above quotation marks aren’t mandatory, but advised as it shows good practice.

  • Elements:

<title> </title> is called tags, whereas

<title> Cookie Cutter </title> is referred to as a title element.